That button I kept pressing

I had my second session with the psychologist today. We explored about events and things that made me feel in a particular manner.

The psychologist shared with me that she read an article yesterday about how people kept pushing a “boost” button to keep themselves going, and failing to realise that each time the button is pushed, it depletes our energy significantly.



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Two weeks ago, someone asked me what my dreams were.
I was speechless. I couldn’t give an answer, even after thinking hard.
It’s not that I don’t have dreams, but they are stored somewhere in my brain that I was not able to retrieve at that moment. Continue reading

Are you OK?

These three simple words make a lot of difference to a person.

Are You OK? #iamok #fluffyhouse #bubiauyeung #sticker #graphic #design #character #hurt #goodies

It is good to check in with people around you from time to time.

A positive response does not mean that all is well.

It’s a big jump but I’m glad that I now have a safe channel to uncover things that I have kept hidden for a very long time. It’s not easy but it’s baby steps to make myself feel better and be a happier person.

Photographing marine life in Singapore

If you had read my previous post about my photo of a brooding cardinal fish, you might be thinking that photographing marine life is confined to scuba divers only and that there is nothing on our beaches to photograph. Or perhaps you need someone to bring you for a guided trip, etc.


Brooding male cardinal fish (Shot on Nikon D200 with105mm macro)

Well fear not, the marine animals are out there waiting for you at many locations. All you need to do is to spend some time to find out more information before you grab your camera or mobile phone and head to the nearest beach. Continue reading

Singapore Garden Photographer of the Year (SGPY) 2017

The Singapore Garden Photographer of the Year (SGPY) is a photo competition organised by the National Parks Board. With the City Developments Limited as the presenting sponsor, Nikon and Photographic Society of Singapore as the sponsors, and the Garden City Fund as partners, the competition aims to showcase Singapore’s rich biodiversity and greenery that makes the country an endearing and exceptional City in a Garden.

There are three themes and two sub-themes, each featuring an open and Instagram category:
Theme 1 – Gardens and Landscapes
Theme 2 – People and Nature
Theme 2A – Fort Canning Park (People and Nature)
Theme 3 – Our BiodiverCity
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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Conus and I would like to wish everyone a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year.

Thank you for reading and following my adventures through intertidal, drone images and travelling around the world.

There will be more exciting adventures in 2018 with International Year of the Reef (IYOR), more drone images, and travelling.

Here’s a photo of Conus and I in Copenhagen earlier this December.  😉
(No, there wasn’t any snow in Copenhagen. It was decoration at Tivoli.)


Pulau Tekukor

If you had been on a boat ride from Habourfront to Batam or leaving from the marina at OneDegree15, or heading towards Kusu Island, St. John’s Island or the Sister’s Islands Marine Park from Marina South Pier, you would have noticed this island – Pulau Tekukor.


Pulau Tekukor

On the map, Pulau Tekukor is the longish island located south of Sentosa, before St. John’s Island.

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Update on Abbott FreeStyle Libre

Following an update from my previous post here, about my experience with the FreeStyle Libre I bought UK over eBay, here’s a short update.

Recently, I attended a diabetes children camp as a young adult volunteer, SugarRush, in June and got a chance to try to FreeStyle Libre sensor. After much wait, the flash glucose monitoring sensor was finally approved and available in Singapore.

Libre SG

If you are residing in Singapore, you can order the sensors (and reader) from

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